Support us

By supporting Masithandane in cash or in kind you can help us to continue providing services where they are needed most. You can and will be making a difference!



  • use your car or our car to distribute food parcels – 1 day a month
  • use your Afrikaans  skills in the literacy programme for Grade 1s – for 1 hour twice a week during the school terms
  • use your creative talents in the Art, Craft and Mosaic Projects – one morning or afternoon a week
  • use your person skills to assist with the repairs and maintenance of the Wellness Centre – as and when needed
  • for 1 meal at a Community Nutrition Centre five days a week for R15 per month per child
  • 1 food parcel @ R 200 per month
  • for the bursary fund to pay hostel fees and transport costs for needy students
  • for 1 or 10 laptops @ R 5000 each
  • for fuel or taxi costs @ R 3.50 per km to get patients to and from the clinic and/or hospitals
  • for education, training and employment opportunities – R3000 to R10000 per student depending on the programme
  • R180000 for an multi-purpose vehicle that can transport patients, care-givers, equipment, chronic medication, mobile meals and food parcels. It can also be used to take the Grade Rs on outings. It needs to be able to travel on the rural un-tarred roads and be slightly higher off the ground as a result.
    •  There is no public transport system available so a vehicle is a necessity when it comes to the delivery of community services.

Bank details

Name of the Bank: ABSA
Name of the account holder: MASITHANDANE
Type of Account: CHEQUE
Branch Code: 632005
Account Number: 4067253575 All contributions will be gratefully received and much appreciated and we thank you for providing us with the opportunity to be of service.