Lifeline Garden Route is working in partnership with Masithandane to deliver services that are currently unavailable or under-resourced.
These integrated services include:
  • prevention and management of HIV/AIDS and TB in a co-ordinated and systematic way that includes a multi-focused activity strategy
  • counselling & testing services by continuing with and expanding the Aids Counselling and Testing (HCT) services in collaboration with Sedgefield Clinic at the existing Masithandane Wellness Centre in Sedgefield (adjacent to Smutsville and Sizamile)
  • care for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS & TB by providing
    • Wellness Centre site and home-based care-giving and counseling services in Smutsville and Sizamile
    • care and support for and counselling of vulnerable children through the development and implementation of customized and responsive empowerment programmes for children, youth and mothers.