Job creation

Makhulu Project
This project started as a mother and child support group. In order to start generating income the women were taught paper m√Ęche skills. After some time the Makhulu Bookmark product was developed.

Because it was too difficult to cope with children and make product at the same time, the women needed to decide whether they wished to continue making product or to join the Indawo Yo Mama Mother Toddler weekly workshops. There are now 8 women who make Makhulu bookmarks regularly and a leader has been chosen from amongst them.

The product is sold in a number of outlets in Sedgefield, Knysna, Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Yum Yum hot boxes
This is a win-win project providing sewing skills and an income for a few women. The Yum Yum Slow Cooker is a simple, yet effective produt consisting of two polystyrene-filled bags, that enable food to be cooked with minimal fuel, safely.

A recipe book has also been produced to help customers benefit fully from their Yum Yum Slow Cooker.


Mosaic art tourism project
  • Interactive Mosaic workshops
  • Ongoing monitoring of crafters in training
  • Income generation through product development and commisions



Made by crafters for the Soccer World Cup 2010 help in South Africa. Flags are of Denmark and France as they are staying in Knysna and of Japan as they will be staying in George.

Ethemba Work Readiness Programme for the Market