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By supporting Masithandane in cash or in kind you can help us to continue providing services where they are needed most. You can and will be making a difference!
Hug House Appeal July 2019



  • use your car or our car to distribute food parcels – 1 day a month
  • use your Afrikaans  skills in the literacy programme for Grade 1s – for 1 hour twice a week during the school terms
  • use your creative talents in the Art, Craft and Mosaic Projects – one morning or afternoon a week
  • use your person skills to assist with the repairs and maintenance of the Wellness Centre – as and when needed
  • Read the letter we received from one volunteer below 🙂
  • for 1 meal at a Community Nutrition Centre five days a week for R15 per month per child
  • 1 food parcel @ R 200 per month
  • for the bursary fund to pay hostel fees and transport costs for needy students
  • for 1 or 10 laptops @ R 5000 each
  • for fuel or taxi costs @ R 3.50 per km to get patients to and from the clinic and/or hospitals
  • for education, training and employment opportunities – R3000 to R10000 per student depending on the programme
  • R180 000 for an multi-purpose vehicle that can transport patients, care-givers, equipment, chronic medication, mobile meals and food parcels. It can also be used to take the Grade Rs on outings. It needs to be able to travel on the rural un-tarred roads and be slightly higher off the ground as a result.
    •  There is no public transport system available so a vehicle is a necessity when it comes to the delivery of community services.

Bank details

Name of the Bank: ABSA
Name of the account holder: MASITHANDANE
Type of Account: CHEQUE
Branch Code: 632005
Account Number: 4067253575 All contributions will be gratefully received and much appreciated and we thank you for providing us with the opportunity to be of service.


When one decides to go to the other side of the world to volunteer for three months one never knows what to expect. What are the people going to be like? What will I be doing in that organization? What is the town going to look like? Will I even understand the people? I mean it’s not like I had been exposed to any Afrikaans in Chile….

But now, looking back to what I experienced in that beautiful country I can only think of how good my time there was. I found a home away from home and a family not only in the people I was living with but also in Masithandane.

I filled my mental ” Album of Memories” with so many new and nice memories which I always carry with me: I remember the warm sunny days when I went with Elleniese and Jynap into Smutsville screening. My daily bicycle ride to get to Masithandane. The elderly people from Fairview and Smutsville meeting every Wednesday laughing and sharing. The kids from cherish being naughty by times but at the same time being incredibly loveley and full of joy. The beading group mastering crafting-tasks which first seemed out of their reach. The carers learning to dance “la Macarena” for the big OPP lunch. The carers joking and laughing while having their daily “koffie”.

Of course, there were also “not so nice” situations which I witnessed. Situations which are part of South Africa, which belong to the people living in realities so different from the one I had known until then. And although this situation and experiences are often shadowed by a lot of pain or negative moments, I am glad that I could witness them and learn from them.

So if there is something I can say about my time as a volunteer at Masithandane is that it was great. I went home with countless amazing memories, met so many great people who will always have a space in my heart, learned so much about the world and other cultures and even learned a bit of Afrikaans!

Masithandane really is a great place to volunteer. One meets lovely people, always feels to be in a quite safe environment, and gets to know the real South Africa. More over one gets the opportunity to be active in so many different areas: I helped with the elderly at the OPP lunches, I was with the children at the various afternoon groups, with the sick at HUG- House, etc, etc. It was a very diverse and well-rounded experience which I would not have been able to have anywhere else.

After this experience I feel that I am much better prepared to go to study and also for life. And that is one of the reasons why I want to thank everyone who made my experience so enriching: Monika and Peter, who were amazing hosts, Jacky and Peter who were just as amazing, every single one of the carers who shared so much with me, Petricia for helping me to organize everything, Noelene and Edna, the cherish children and the cherishers, the beading and the knitting group, the adults and children at fresh start, Tina’s literacy group, HUG, Tertia, Ginny, Lucas and so many others so made my experience to be the way it was.

A looot of love to all of you and thank you!!!

Melissa Kohler


27 July 2018