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Another year and another walk with members and friends of the International School of London walking in Doha Qatar for Masithandane. Thank you for always supporting us!

Dubai 2019

Hug House Appeal July 2019

Notice of the Masithandane AGM 2019:

Notice of AGM 2019

Masithandane’s Cherish Project

Cherish article 2017 was an exceptionally exciting one for the Cherish Project.

In February we launched Cherish 2, with six children graduating into the foundation group. Cherish 2 , will focus on helping the older children develop the skills they will need to cope with their moving into High School. For most Sedgefield children this move means leaving home and living during the week in hostel accommodation. Children will spend 2 years attending Cherish 2, learning how to look after themselves, their h e a l t h , h y g i e n e a n d belongings. Also covered are such subjects as personal finances, basic nutrition and cooking, doing laundry, timekeeping and so on. Cherish 1, continues to have 13 children from the ages of 7 to 12 years. They all have stories, mostly sad, some bitterly sad. They love coming to Cherish, as much for the love and attention they receive from our wonderful team of Cherishers, as for the good hot meal, the fun games and activities and the stories and crafts that we do. This past year our 4 term themes have been; Art Forms, Personal safety, School days, The Games People Play. We’ve had visits to an art gallery and a glass studio, a mosaic park, a swimming pool and we went up to Cloud Nine. We also attended the Eden Kite Festival which was amazing. We’ve had visits from; an artist, the Fire Brigade, a SAPS self-defence instructor, Eugene from Cycleworx (road safety) and Mike Wood a life guard instructor (safety in water). In 2017 we have also grown the `special interests’ of some of the children and now have 4 children doing weekly horse riding, 2 girls receiving swimming coaching and 1 surfing lessons. 2 children attend a Drama Group and 2 have art lessons once a week. These all thanks to various Sedgefield residents and organisations. Funding is an ongoing challenge, and therefore we thank the Sedgefield community from our hearts for making this worthwhile project possible, and contributing to changing the lives and futures of this group of underprivileged youngsters who have been through traumatic times. We are gratified to see evidence of the difference that has been made in the lives of the children who have been with us for the past three years , they are more confident than their peers , more willing to try new things, more enquiring and curious. Their reading, writing and English have vastly improved, and so too their general behaviour. Their school teachers comment on these things. This makes all our efforts and yours worthwhile. May God Bless you, Ginny and the Cherish Team

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Learn through Surfing

Learn through surf

When we kicked off 2017 with a new batch of recruits, we knew it was going to be a good year ahead, but we couldn’t have expected just how many good times we were in for. We started our new season off as usual with our ‘learn to swim’ classes which the new guys took to very keenly. After only a few months they were able to graduate into the Surf School where they joined the rest of the Afro Surfers who have been riding waves with us since 2016. This happened just in time for them to experience some competitive fun with the Eden Team trials happening in Mossel Bay, Vic Bay and finally Buffalo Bay. An Eden Surfing Team was chosen based on results of the three trial events and it included three of our very own Afro Surfers. Bags and mattresses were packed and off we went along with the other members of the team to the 2017 Grommet Games in Port Elizabeth – a widely sponsored and groundbreaking event in development surfing in SA, featuring the best ‘up and coming’ junior surfers from all over the country. Our three young surfers received their Eden Surfing colours for being part of the team and their performance during the event. It was our first time ever at the Grom Games and we are extremely excited with having such an event to work towards for the new year.

To add the cherry on top we finished off the year with a weekend of camping and surfing in Buffels Bay at our kids favourite surf spot, what a jol! With a whole new year ahead and a fresh batch of recruits we are really looking forward to getting 2018 underway. However, some obstacles in our path. We are desperately in need of sponsorship to cover fuel for transport to and from the beach each session, to in order for the Afro Surfers to continue changing lives and going from strength to strength, we need the support of the greater community to help overcome a sizeable number of operation expenses.

From fuel for transport to and from the beach each session, to buying, repairing and replacing e q u i p m e n t , t o s t a f f remuneration, to camping fees, it all adds up. Any person or company in a position to help, or just wanting more information, please don’t hesitate to get hold of us on 074 280 5010 (Slade) or email

Masithandane would really like to thank the private sponsor of R50 000, that so helped to ensure the project’s success.

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Members and friends of the International School of London walking in Doha Qatar for Masithandane.

Walk for Masi - in Qatar

We are so grateful for the continued support! Thank you 🙂

Int school of London Qatar walk

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