Job creation

Makhulu Project
This project started as a mother and child support group. In order to start generating income the women were taught paper m√Ęche skills. After some time the Makhulu Bookmark product was developed.

The product is sold in a number of outlets in Sedgefield, Knysna, Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Yum Yum hot boxes
This is a win-win project providing sewing skills and an income for a few women. The Yum Yum Slow Cooker is a simple, yet effective produt consisting of two polystyrene-filled bags, that enable food to be cooked with minimal fuel, safely.

A recipe book has also been produced to help customers benefit fully from their Yum Yum Slow Cooker.


Mosaic art tourism project
  • Interactive Mosaic workshops
  • Ongoing monitoring of crafters in training
  • Income generation through product development and commisions