Education and skills training

Programmes include:

  • Skills for home based care-giving
  • Skills for work readiness e.g part time computer classes
  • Emergency First Aid training
  • Mosaic workshops


Student pathways:

  • National certificate vocational e.g. Hospitality
  • Post-Matric courses e.g. Management Assistant
  • Skills programmes e.g. Catering


A Masithandane Bursary is awarded to a student in need of financial support for further education and training and who is performing well academically.
The Bursary does not need to be repaid if bursary conditions are met.
Each application will be considered on a case by case basis by the Masithandane Financial Aid Committee who will determine the nature of the financial situation, financial need, and each applicant’s eligibility.Bursaries will support basic educational expenses which may include tuition costs, books and learning materials. Residence fees and transport costs may be included. Awards will be paid directly to the educational institution on receipt of an official invoice  or statement. All bursary students will be required to submit regular academic reports.Masithandane commits itself to doing its best to growing its Bursary Fund on an annual basis through the development/cultivation and maintenance of partnerships, sponsors and donors.