Community home-based care services

Integrated Community and Home-based Care Services include:

  • Home visits to de-hospitalised patients as well as referrals from the
    community in order to provide nursing care, support and assistance.
  • Disease prevention and health promotion including VCT Promotion and
    counselling, hygiene in the home and nutritional aid.
  • Home visits for HIV/AIDS and TB DOTS adherence support, delivery of
    chronic medication as well as blood pressure checks, HGT Tests,
    weight checks and counselling.
  • Disease prevention and health promotion of healthy lifestyles through:
    • Door to door/home visits
    • Health campaigns/days
    • Support groups
    • Shelter improvement and advocacy.


  • Wellness Centre Activities which include:
    • Nursing care and adherence
    • Support for TB Dots
    • First Aid
    • General tips on healthy living
    • Patient transport
    • Nutritional aid
    • Blood pressure checks
    • HGT Tests
    • Weight checks
    • Counselling
  •  Care and Respite Centre (HUG House)

    We offer cost-effective, compassionate care by competent care workers. Types of patients for short and long-term admissions and care to ‘Hug House’ include the following:

    • Patients with a chronic condition who experience an acutely ill phase of the condition
    • Patients whose family members need a short period of respite
    • Patients who are terminally ill
    • Patients who need a limited period of rehabilitative post-operative care