Food security

  • FOOD PARCELS: consist of eggs, staple foods like rice and samp, tea, coffee, sugar and fresh produce like cabbage and carrots.  An average of 150 food parcels for 180 beneficiaries are distributed per quarter.

  • FRESH PRODUCE: consists of fresh fruit and vegetables and an average 60 parcels are distributed to immune-challenged patients every week on Mondays.

  • MOBILE MEALS: 15-20beneficiaries receive a wholesome meal three times per week. These are cooked by Slow Town Mobile Meals, an independent NPO and delivered by Masithandane
  • OTHER MEALS/SOUP & SANDWICHES reach at lease 630 children and 103 adults every month. The soup and sandwiches are prepared by volunteers from the targeted communities.
  • Masithandane also runs a Community Development Nutritional Centre from the Wellness Centre.  Meals served to members in the various job creation projects receive a meal at least twice or three time a week.  These have been included in the totals above.